Finishing Services

Archival Pigment Printing

Mike runs a 44 inch inkjet printer in his west philly studio. Anything from 4”x6” to 40”x60” can be printed in fine detail on high quality archival paper. In addition, prints can be made on canvas and stretched over bars so that they are ready to hang.

Files can be sent via dropbox, wetransfer or google drive. You can also schedule a one on one printing session at a rate of $20/hr.

Epson Luster: $10 sq/ft

Epson Canvas: $15 sq/ft

Canson Infinity Paper: $14 sq/ft

Hahnemühle Paper: $16 sq/ft

Print costs are calculated based on paper, size and quantity. Please email for a quote.


Magdalena Fountoukidis, Archival Pigment Printing

Photo Editing and Retouching

Mike is available for intensive retouching, compositing, color correction, tonal correction and print prep for digital files. Files can be sent via wetransfer, dropbox, or google drive.

Rate: $30/hr


Ada Trillo, Photo Editing and Consultation

Scanning and Art Reproduction

Using a high quality flat bed scanner, Mike can scan 35mm, 120mm, and 4x5 film. Small fine art and important documents can be scanned on the same machine. Large work can be photographed using a copy stand set up with a hi resolution camera. Paintings can be photographed, color balanced, and printed to make a low cost reproduction of your original artwork. All scans and reproductions include basic color and tone correction.

Additionally Mike helps 3-D artists create high quality documentation and portfolios of their work. This is customized based on the client. Reach out to Mike via email for a quote.

35mm (up to 20”x30”): $8

120mm (max size depends on format): $10

4x5 (up to 40”x50”): $20

Small Art and Documents: $20

Large Scale Art Reproduction: $50


C. Shang Whaley, Hi-Res 35mm Scans printed to 20”x30”

Film Processing

B&W: 35mm: $5 120mm: $7 4x5: $3 per sheet

Color: 35mm: $4 120mm: $5 4x5: $3 per sheet

Slide: 35mm: $8 120mm: $10 4x5: $6 per sheet

One on One Consultation and Private Lessons

Mike has provided photoshop and printing lessons with clients for almost a decade. Clients are taught advanced digital workflow, Bridge, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Clients can also be taught how to make high quality scans, digital prints, and even analogue prints. Additionally, Mike can teach you how to use a camera, how to light a scene, and many different analogue darkroom techniques.

Rate: $30/hr

On Location Rate: $40/hr plus travel fees when outside Philadelphia

6-Green sea turtle.jpeg

Robert J. Loring, Photoshop and Camera Lessons as well as Color Correction and Print Preparation


Mike is available for custom framing at a reasonable price. Mike will examine the work and give you the best possible options for finishing the piece. He can mount, mat, frame and cleat work depending on what is decided.

Please email for a quote.

Canvas Stretching

Whether you need an image printed on canvas or an existing painting stretched, Mike is your guy. He has years of experience stretching fragile paintings and prints alike. Custom sizes are always available, so whether you need an 8x10 or an 8x40, Mike can make it happen.

Please email for a quote.

Art Installation

Installing art can be a headache. Let Mike be the Advil. All installation is almost always unique to the work itself and the space it is being installed in.

Please email for a quote.